The GAOE Mission

The mission of the Georgia Association of Orthopaedic Executives is to help Georgia orthopaedic executives provide quality management and lead rewarding professional lives by:

  • Offering them educational programs on clinical and practice management topics
  • Conducting advocacy efforts on behalf of the orthopaedic industry
  • Establishing opportunities to foster personal and professional relations
  • Promoting orthopaedic management and orthopaedic health

GAOE 2017 Annual Meeting

Register for the Georgia Association of Orthopaedic Executive 2017 Annual Meeting at Callaway Gardens.

To make hotel reservations for our group: (877) 935-0839

GAOE members,

At our annual conference last November, you told us you would like the association to provide more opportunities to keep you up to date on issues that impact orthopaedic practice. Value Based medicine is vital to all of us, and the upcoming BPCI Advanced program is at the forefront of CMS’s efforts in this arena.

GAOE is pleased to partner with Signature Health to present a free webinar, 12:00pm EST Wednesday February 14th, to provide you detailed information about BPCI Advanced.

Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) Advanced is a new Medicare program that aims to improve quality outcomes while reducing cost. Physician group practices are eligible to participate with several orthopedic clinical episode options, including major joint replacement of the lower extremity, major joint replacement of the upper extremity, and spinal episodes.

The timeline to sign up is tight: Groups have until March 12th to sign up with CMS to participate in BPCI Advanced and we know ortho groups have revenue opportunity. There is no financial risk to sign up, but an opportunity to assess data and opportunity in the program.

Reasons to sign up:

  • Significant financial incentive—physicians keep the cost savings on their Medicare patients
  • Improve patient outcomes—move towards value based care
  • Review cost and outcomes data on Medicare patients

To learn more about the program, click on the link register – BPCI Advanced: GAOE Opportunity webinar